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No Bullshit – Keep it clean and simple…

24 Mar

Keep things clean and simple.

Don’t be diluted or muddied by the agenda’s of others. Don’t try second guess yourself creatively. Try not to commit adultery, keep yourself sacred and keep your motives pure… this way you will have much more space in your life to listen and to create.

So much money, human resource and time is spent cleaning up a dirty house and making it presentable again.

Acting with integrity and creating art out of a truthful place, can seriously streamline both your career and your life. Loyalty follows integrity, and by living and creating this kind of life, you can use the internet to gather a faithful group of friends who will support you, treasure you and share your work with the world.

You don’t need a marketing department anymore… you just need a group of loyal and committed friends.

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Much time and energy in entertainment is spent putting a “marketing spin” on things. This could be simply positioning a film to appeal to a particular type of market, or it could reach further into the darker realm of covering up the crimes, or diluting the indulgences of the marketable artists. It’s easy and way more life-giving if we all speak, create and live our lives as who we really, truthfully are. Huge marketing departments can now have their cover (lies) blown by a text message, a face-book photo or a simple tweet.

Social media scares a lot of corporates because it appears to put a huge amount of power into the hands of the ordinary chap on the street. he has a voice, and if what he says is interesting enough, it could pull down a president. Social media however, is here to stay, it’s not going anywhere.

Giving people power, levels the playing field and in my opinion it is creating a new equilibrium… where a good film, a good song, a great piece of art will stand on its own two legs, without the need for a conglomerate marketing push. The studios are afraid.

If you can create a piece of art that connects directly to the human heart, then why would you take it anywhere else than straight to the social networks. Here, you the artist can engage and converse directly with your audience, it’s safe and free, in every sense of the word. There is no “money person” getting in the way, no “distribution problem.” Your audience now has the power, not the people in suits in an office on Sunset Blvd.

Talking with your audience is a far better and more sustainable way of continuing to create really good art. It keeps the artist at the coal face, face to face with their audience members, the ordinary people on the streets, the characters in their screenplays, the people who truthfully appreciate your art. There’s not some reviewer in a newspaper sharing their jilted creative opinion, these people (your audience) commune directly with you, they share their actual opinions, their stories, these are the ones you create for, the people whom you love.

If you wish too, you can create a manageable, human, integrity based system for sharing your work and gathering a large group of supportive friends on the social networks. The good news is… you don’t need a label and a million dollars anymore. The bad news is… you need to have a strategy that is personally fitted and designed specifically for you. This strategy is not designed to reflect your art, like your art, this strategy is designed to holistically reflect and spring forth from the center of who you truthfully are.

I am an artist and I am only in interested in promoting the work/lives of artist who genuinely reflect this ethos of integrity. Not because I believe solely in the value of integrity but because the system (our integrity based marketing model) will fall apart if the artists involved act in an overtly hypocritical or dishonest manner. People aren’t fools.

We are already working with individuals/companies/artists in this area, but I am interested in taking more clients. If you are a genuine artist, looking to establish themselves in an honest way then contact me at geoffreytalbot@gmail.com to arrange a consultation.


Play the social networking game…

6 Nov

Some “experts” will tell you that the essential ingredient to “marketing yourself” or your art on the social networks is “strategy.” They will tell you that you must have a plan and this plan must be “predictably unpredictable.” In other words you must, do and say things on the social networks that cause people to constantly “follow you” because they are excited about what you may or may do next.

Strategy is important but it far from the most important ingredient. There is something that trumps strategy a million times over, and it’s called “integrity.”As artists if we have we have integrity, if we adhere 100% to our creativity, if we surrender wholly to our creativity and then live to share this with others… I guarantee that you will be “predictably unpredictable” and 100% exciting to follow online.

It’s funny how we often look for shortcuts. A move away from integrity is almost always an attempt to shortcut the process. It is nearly always unstable as it has very rocky foundations. Watch this video of Sharon Osbourne below…

Do you ever get the impression that people have to be constantly shocking to stay in the press; to maintain their celebrity status? None of this is new… it’s PR spin that has been occurring¬†in the entertainment industry for years. It’s one of the reasons artists have publicists right? Not just to smooth things over when they exhibit a clear lack of integrity but to also use “controversy” to appear in magazine publications and to of course above all else “make money.”

Rather than living a creative and resourceful life that is dynamically imaginative and interesting to follow, we attempt to shortcut the process by staging shocking “mini controversies” that appeal to people because of our voyeuristic nature.

What has this got to do with marketing yourself on the social networks?

Well it’s the same thing just a different medium. What was once in the tabloids, now exists on blogs, twitter, Facebook¬†and MySpace. It is possible for everyone to have their little slice of fame. Rather than living and creating a vitally interesting artistic life, it appears as though it is easier to simply stage events and create the illusion of one.

Imagine going to all the effort of learning what it means to love somebody. You stage things, put on romantic dinners, buy gifts, learn how to kiss, you write in your diary “must spend quality time” with that special someone. You do all this to create the impression (or the illusion) that you love this person. Have you not missed the point?

If you started with love… would all these things not happen spontaneously and organically anyway? Would it not be a much simpler and easier way to live?

So why would you start with a “strategy” and make every effort to appear to be creative, artistic and interesting on the social networks? Is not much simpler to start with yourself… the artist… a living piece of art, and to live this artistic life with much creativity and integrity?

Then the rest is easy… all you have to do is use the social networks to share this life with your audience.

This weeks award goes to…

5 Nov

Today’s blog is dedicated to our “Independent Artist of the WeeK” singer/song writer Ashlee Morton. Check out her incredible voice and wonderfully spun lyrics on Ashlee’s Myspace and sit back and relax into the afternoon.


Ashlee Morton

Independent artists like Ashlee live for days like today… after months of hardwork(working two jobs) and much sacrifice her music has finally come alive. I so love her first track… “Don’t grow cold”, her voice is haunting and it sounds like it comes from heaven. It could so easily be a cover for a film soundtrack… race you to it.

Awhile ago Ashlee confided in me that she sometimes considered giving up music (it’s a hard and frustrating road at times) and taking up nursing… so glad she stayed in the studio. What do you think? Which song do you want to see go Platinum?

Twitter & the Movies

27 Oct

Twitter can ruin or make your business, Twitter can make or break a film. News breaks faster on Twitter than on CNN; it’s the voice of the people, it’s unmodulated and it’s un-regulated.

When Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie Bruno opened in the USA earlier this year it took close to $9 million on the Friday night; analysts predicted that Bruno would break all records and take $50 million in opening weekend…. by Sunday night it had taken only $30 million. What happened… Twitter.

Tweets (peoples opinions/reviews) flew around the USA at an alarming rate and their reviews of the film were savage. Many were horrified at the way the film portrayed a stereotypical gay man, most importantly they tweeted that the film was in poor taste and not funny.

People changed their movie plans because of Twitter and in one weekend it cost the filmmakers of Bruno 20 million dollars.

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So you wanna get rid of twitter…

18 Oct

Last year I quit all the online social networks and proudly proclaimed that I didn’t want to have internet relationships anymore… I was in this “ignorant enlightened phase” for approximately 3 months before I actually saw the real light.

The truth is communication via the internet is here to stay, and unless there is a nuclear fallout it is only going to grow and expand and be available to us in forms that used to only exist in science fiction movies.

Democracy is built on freedom of speech and on the precept that all people are equal. Unfortunately applications like Twitter finally make this “idea” a reality and it scares the crap out of people who have more power or believe that things need to be controlled.

Like anything sex, guns, alcohol, drugs, food or money applications like Twitter are not inherently bad, it’s what you do with it that really counts. So the question is not should we get rid of twitter, but how will we use it?

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