29 Aug

Using the social networks to promote our ideas, to sell a product or a vision can be a dangerous thing. It is so easy to fall into the whales mouths and to exaggerate, inflate, or cover over the “broken image” of who we are; stumbling in our eagerness to impress and sell. It produces short terms gains and long-term disappointment. Eventually we can’t hide the truth of who we are… there is too much information out there… too many eyes, to many fingers typing on keyboards, to many other people out there just like you and me.  There is only one thing for us to do… We must simply TELL OUR STORY… BOTH THE GOOD AND THE BAD… Yes the truth will find us out, but it will also set us FREE.


There are huge advantages to simply telling your story, whether it be via a blog, a tweet or on a face-book fan-page. It can be the story of your company (a group of people), the story of the your product (what people created) or the story of your life. At the end of the day people want to hear stories about other people just like them, this is why…

1. People long for connection… when you tell a human story it RESONATES.

2. People INVEST in other people not in inanimate objects.

3. People may not be able to smell that “something is too good to be true” but when they put in their mouths and chew on it… they sure won’t like the taste. Human stories create LOYALTY.

We all have a natural tendency to show our best side and to hide our flaws.  But it is those moments in life when we are caught of guard, when we make a mistake, when we have to apologize that really engage other people. This is why we must not hide the bad parts of our story from those who have chosen to support us; friendship after all is SHARING. For this reason I would encourage you to…

1. Tweet about the accidents and mistakes that you make each day.

2. Blog about your disappointments and failures. The things you learned, the things you wished you had known before you started that enterprise, that task, that relationship that lead to failure. You can do this without dishonoring anyone.

3. Ask for HELP. Reach out for ideas, solutions, and moral support. Engage your audience on the social networks on a level playing field. When they know you are sincere 99.9% of people will do anything to help.

In finishing I leave you with these questions… What stories that you are afraid to tell? What are you holding onto with a clenched fist that prevents you from reaching out and receiving with an open hand? My acting teacher used to say “The truth will set you free, but first it will really hack you off!


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