Play the social networking game…

6 Nov

Some “experts” will tell you that the essential ingredient to “marketing yourself” or your art on the social networks is “strategy.” They will tell you that you must have a plan and this plan must be “predictably unpredictable.” In other words you must, do and say things on the social networks that cause people to constantly “follow you” because they are excited about what you may or may do next.

Strategy is important but it far from the most important ingredient. There is something that trumps strategy a million times over, and it’s called “integrity.”As artists if we have we have integrity, if we adhere 100% to our creativity, if we surrender wholly to our creativity and then live to share this with others… I guarantee that you will be “predictably unpredictable” and 100% exciting to follow online.

It’s funny how we often look for shortcuts. A move away from integrity is almost always an attempt to shortcut the process. It is nearly always unstable as it has very rocky foundations. Watch this video of Sharon Osbourne below…

Do you ever get the impression that people have to be constantly shocking to stay in the press; to maintain their celebrity status? None of this is new… it’s PR spin that has been occurring in the entertainment industry for years. It’s one of the reasons artists have publicists right? Not just to smooth things over when they exhibit a clear lack of integrity but to also use “controversy” to appear in magazine publications and to of course above all else “make money.”

Rather than living a creative and resourceful life that is dynamically imaginative and interesting to follow, we attempt to shortcut the process by staging shocking “mini controversies” that appeal to people because of our voyeuristic nature.

What has this got to do with marketing yourself on the social networks?

Well it’s the same thing just a different medium. What was once in the tabloids, now exists on blogs, twitter, Facebook and MySpace. It is possible for everyone to have their little slice of fame. Rather than living and creating a vitally interesting artistic life, it appears as though it is easier to simply stage events and create the illusion of one.

Imagine going to all the effort of learning what it means to love somebody. You stage things, put on romantic dinners, buy gifts, learn how to kiss, you write in your diary “must spend quality time” with that special someone. You do all this to create the impression (or the illusion) that you love this person. Have you not missed the point?

If you started with love… would all these things not happen spontaneously and organically anyway? Would it not be a much simpler and easier way to live?

So why would you start with a “strategy” and make every effort to appear to be creative, artistic and interesting on the social networks? Is not much simpler to start with yourself… the artist… a living piece of art, and to live this artistic life with much creativity and integrity?

Then the rest is easy… all you have to do is use the social networks to share this life with your audience.


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