Twitter & the Movies

27 Oct

Twitter can ruin or make your business, Twitter can make or break a film. News breaks faster on Twitter than on CNN; it’s the voice of the people, it’s unmodulated and it’s un-regulated.

When Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie Bruno opened in the USA earlier this year it took close to $9 million on the Friday night; analysts predicted that Bruno would break all records and take $50 million in opening weekend…. by Sunday night it had taken only $30 million. What happened… Twitter.

Tweets (peoples opinions/reviews) flew around the USA at an alarming rate and their reviews of the film were savage. Many were horrified at the way the film portrayed a stereotypical gay man, most importantly they tweeted that the film was in poor taste and not funny.

People changed their movie plans because of Twitter and in one weekend it cost the filmmakers of Bruno 20 million dollars.

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