So you wanna get rid of twitter…

18 Oct

Last year I quit all the online social networks and proudly proclaimed that I didn’t want to have internet relationships anymore… I was in this “ignorant enlightened phase” for approximately 3 months before I actually saw the real light.

The truth is communication via the internet is here to stay, and unless there is a nuclear fallout it is only going to grow and expand and be available to us in forms that used to only exist in science fiction movies.

Democracy is built on freedom of speech and on the precept that all people are equal. Unfortunately applications like Twitter finally make this “idea” a reality and it scares the crap out of people who have more power or believe that things need to be controlled.

Like anything sex, guns, alcohol, drugs, food or money applications like Twitter are not inherently bad, it’s what you do with it that really counts. So the question is not should we get rid of twitter, but how will we use it?


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